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Most years, Bright n' Beautiful participates with an educational booth at Arbor Day celebrations in Billings and Laurel in early May. Yellowstone County 4th graders are treated to fun activities in the open air with opportunities to learn about trees, birds and animals and caring for the environment. It's a great way to instill appreciation of nature as well as a sense of ownership of our shared surroundings.  Over the years, Bright n' Beautiful has perfected its litter relay race game which gets the kids moving, laughing and competing while sorting trash from recyclables. 

In 2021, Bright n' Beautiful embarked on an exciting pilot program with Billings Senior High School. Using Keep America Beautiful Youth Initiative tools, Senior High created a student-powered organization to foster environmental education and pride of place, not only for their campus but the extended surrounding neighborhood. Instead of prom during a COVID year, Senior's Student Council launched 'Keep Senior Beautiful' with a campus, park, and neighborhood cleanup powered by 170 student volunteers. Student leaders also shared 'Bronc Pride' by participating in Great American Cleanup by doing a massive spring cleanup on the grounds of Billings' revered landmark, the Moss Mansion.  What an inspiring presence at Senior with ongoing cleanup efforts planned every spring going forward. That's bright and beautiful! In Spring of 2022, Bright n' Beautiful cultivated similar ongoing student-powered efforts at Skyview, West and Central high schools in Billings. We hope to spread the campus joy to all the high schools throughout Yellowstone County!   

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