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Bright n' Beautiful encourages folks to lend a hand in improving and beautifying their community. Under Adopt-a-Spot, businesses, clubs, organizations, groups, or families take on the regular upkeep of a specific area in Yellowstone County. For example, you might see yellow-vested workers enjoying themselves while picking up litter along the rims, cleaning up their favorite trail, or tidying a long stretch of  fence on a scenic boulevard. Adopt-a-Spotters commit in writing to caring for their spot, staging litter cleanups at least three times a year and during our community-wide Great American Cleanup effort. The City of Billings kindly creates a handsome sign proclaiming the community service of the adopting group for all to see. Have your eye on an area that needs TLC and is it calling to you or your group?  Contact Bright n' Beautiful and we'll fix you right up! We can also put you in touch with the Adopt-a-Highway program of the Montana Department of Transportation if you're ready to tackle a state roadway. Either way, we'd love to help you serve our community in this personal and generous way! 

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